Saving the Great Barrier Reef with beats: Flume joins forces with Greenpeace for a new video

Australia’s golden boy Harley Streten aka Flume has shared “previously unreleased sounds” as the soundtrack for a new video created in collaboration with environmental organisation Greenpeace.

The video is part of Greenpeace’s campaign to save the Great Barrier Reef from the consequences of climate change. “Please tune in,” Streten writes via an accompanying Facebook post, “this is important!”

Producer extraordinaire Flume has joined forces with environmental activism organisation Greenpeace to tackle the climate change’s effect on the Great Barrier Reef.

In a statement, Greenpeace have said, “As summer approaches, Flume’s video reminds us what’s at stake and why it’s so important that we get as many people as possible to join the fight to stop the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.”

The video features stunning footage of vibrant, dynamic sea life, set against the dull colours of coal ships and bleached coral.

“Malcolm Turnbull should be protecting the Reef by banning fossil fuel subsidies, announcing a rapid phase-out of coal and putting renewables at the centre of his government’s energy policy,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific Campaigner Charlotte Cox said on Monday.

In addition to provided slick new sounds to the new video, Flume will also be selling limited edition tees at Falls Festival over NYE, with all proceeds going to Greenpeace.

Check out the video below:

Via Pitchfork.