The Phase speak the truth of the youth with their latest single Burnout

If you’re a fan of The Strokes, then the latest from Sydney band The Phase will tickle your fancy. With big guitars and a punchy bass line, these guys have delivered a youthful and endearing take on classic pop with their new single Burnout.

In speaking of the track the band have revealed, “This song is for all the people working hard to make money but are always too burnt out after working so hard to ever enjoy it”.

It’s a sentiment we can almost guarantee their audience will relate to, especially heading into the holiday season.

The Phase

With undeniable potential, The Phase are a band with the right idea, a solid grasp on their influences and solid vision of what they want to achieve.

I am a huge fan of a complex pop song with an element of intrigue in its instrumentation, or a striking and gripping lyrical style which you can’t help but go back to again and again.

Burnout has that and more with twangy bass, swinging rhythm, and a juicy chorus line which hinges on monotony but pulls through.

After hearing Burnout I jumped a bit further out and took a cheeky listen to their other stuff. It only made it more clear that there is definitely something great around the corner for this band… it’s only a matter of time.

Burnout is a song with wide eyed enthusiasm and an eager optimistic beat, a great single release and one which has me excited for the next phase of this band’s trajectory.

The Phase have played a couple of shows over October and November, supporting the likes of Gaspar Sanz, Georgia June and Hiaground. Right now nothing is scheduled for the Sydney act, so keep an eye on their socials below to stay in the know.