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Who’s ready to get weird? Zappa’s legendary 1973 Roxy Residency will finally come in a box set

In 1973 an amazing thing happened. For those lucky enough to be in the know and in the area, Los Angeles was privy to a legendary series of performances by the enigmatic Frank Zappa at the renowned Roxy Theatre.

Spanning two nights and four sets, the residency is labelled as an iconic moment in the venue’s history.

Frank Zappa

A box set featuring performances by Frank Zappa, unheard rehearsal audio, video footage as well as a 48 page visual accompaniment has been announced.

Of the release Ahmet Zappa has stated:

“This is one of my favorite FZ line-ups ever. This box contains some of the best nights of music Los Angeles has ever seen with their ears at an historic venue… Hold on to your hotdogs people. This box is the be-all-end-all. This is it. This is all of it. It’s time to get your rocks off for the Roxy.”

The collection will also feature recordings from the nearby Bolic Studios, content which would later appear on Zappa’s 1974 record Apostrophe.

The set is ready for pre-order as of now and is officially open for business come February 2nd… just in time for Valentine’s Day. Grab yours here.


While you’re here, check out this footage of legendary Aussie comedian Norman Gunston interviewing Zappa in 1976.

Via Rolling Stone.


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December 18, 2017

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