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Think you know who’ll win the Hottest 100 this year? 100 Warm Tunas almost certainly does

It’s a pretty special time next year as triple j hosts the Hottest 100 on the newly announced date of the 27th of January. But aside from this awesome acknowledgement of Indigenous history, the day is likely to be jam packed with some of the best music we have heard in a long time.

hottest 100 gang of youths aria awards dani hansen

Photo: Dani Hansen

Over the next month or so you’re guaranteed to overhear some heated conversations about who exactly is going to make the cut, and who everyone is casting their votes for in the Hottest 100.

It’s almost a sure thing, in light of the recent ARIA awards that 2017 royalty A.B. Original and Gang of Youths will be right up there, but it’s looking like Kendrick Lamar is pitched to have a pretty big presence.

100 Warm Tunas always lend a helping hand this time of year, kind of like a musical elf, darting around the releases and building a list as accurately as possible so as to capture the supposed trajectory of the famed triple j Hottest 100. But this isn’t just guess work everyone, this is science.

In speaking of the project Whyte revealed, “Similarly to last year, the ranking works by crawling Instagram for images tagged with a handful of hashtags, and extracts the track names from the images of votes that people have uploaded and aggregates the results.”

If you were a bit slack this year and aren’t quite up to speed, 100 Warm Tunas is where it is at for the most accurate predictions for the upcoming Hottest 100. With a few outliers and a bunch of smash hits, it’s a great playlist even for a quick catch up on the music you missed.

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December 18, 2017