Folia’s Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is) will send shivers down your spine

We were first introduced to the endearingly haunting sounds of Folia late last year with the release of their single Heart Beat; a slow-burning and gut-wrenching slice of dream pop that’ll send shivers down the spine of any listener.

Now, the band have dropped their new single Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is)… and we can’t stop listening to it.

Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is), the glassy and evocative new single form Melbourne duo Folia, is the band’s most stirring release to date.

Folia are a Melbourne-based duo made up of Claire Bristow and Calvin Regester, and with airy vocals and glassy production, the band glide through a unique blend of indie and minimalist pop to craft a sound that belongs entirely to themselves.

Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is) is far more punchy than past releases, though it definitely still possesses the duo’s signature evocative sound.

The track is inspired by that often-awkward conversation that can happen in relationships when one person believes they are way more into, or love the other more,” the band say of the track. 

Despite the other person feeling like they are giving all they can, or at least ‘enough’, sometimes it just isn’t enough to convince the other person they really do love them. Hence, maybe, we don’t actually even know what love is after all?

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.