Melbourne duo FOLIA run us through their top 5 influences

Since dropping their debut single Without You last year, Melbourne duo Folia have crafted elegant and ethereal pieces of indie-pop that feel both haunting and vibrant.

Now with three singles under their belt, Folia have consistently taken our breath away with their stunning soundscapes. So we caught up with Claire Bristow and Calvin Regester for a run down of their five biggest influences.

Fresh off the release of their new video for Maybe (I Don’t Know What Love Is), we caught up with Melbourne duo Folia for a run down of their 5 biggest influences.

Vallis Alps

Seeing Vallis Alps live for the first time was unbelievable. It’s amazing how their music translates to their live shows. Parrisa’s soft, angelic vocals and their gorgeous hooks leave us in awe and continue to inspire us to this day.

Favourite Tracks : Young / East

London Grammar

These guys are just a constant source of inspiration for us, vocally and instrumentally. From their haunting piano melodies and Hannah Reid’s powerful vocals, It’s just truly mind blowing how talented this trio really are. Hannah’s vocals can fill an entire arena on their own… it’s such a blessing to hear. They have heavily shaped our sound in terms of structure, space and songwriting.

Favourite Tracks : Metal & Dust / Truth Is A Beautiful Thing


The emotion that these guys bring to their live shows is incredible and they are great lyricists. The rawness and honesty in Elena’s vocals give us chills and the musicianship between them is mesmerising. We love how their songs have developed between albums and still have their own unique sound.

Favourite Tracks : Medicine / How / Made Of Stone

The XX

The XX have this amazing ability to pour a lot of emotion into a song with such a minimal approach. They know how to fill a space without necessarily adding to it. Jamie’s production is amazing and we love how he incorporates samples into their songs. Romy’s guitar melodies and sounds have heavily influenced how our production is approached.

Favourite Tracks : Sunset / I Dare You

Vera Blue

Celia is an outstanding artist and a major influence vocally. Her vocal melodies and harmonies from her debut album Perennial are just incredible and adds so much quality all throughout. She’s absolutely killing it right now and doing great things for Australian music.

Favourite Tracks : Hold / First Week