Home is where the heart is: taking 5 with The Chesterfield Band

Last week The Chesterfield Band gave us Home, their newest single and the starting point for a huge set of tour dates throughout metropolitan and regional Australia.

Right before they kick everything off, we caught up with the band for a chat.

the chesterfield band home tour

Home from The Chesterfield Band feels like its title suggests – it’s the comfort of a roof above one’s head. We caught up to chat all about it.

HAPPY: Hey everyone, how’s it going? Looks like you’ve got a lot going on at the moment, give us a run down?

THE CHESTERFIELD BAND: We’ve just dropped our second single Home and are days away from a 19-show tour run from Byron to Melbourne.

HAPPY: How are you finding the reception to Home so far?

THE CHESTERFIELD BAND: Early days yet but we’ve had a bunch of views on the video we posted and there’s definitely a buzz starting to buzz about the song. We’ve done some local radio interviews and we’re working hard to get some solid airplay. If anyone wants to put their hand up or knows any radio people let us know!

HAPPY: Tell us a little about how this track came together?

THE CHESTERFIELD BAND: Home really started out as a feeling. That feeling then took us on a journey and the song was written and re-written about six times with different lyrics and choruses with every rewrite! There was even an attempt at a hip-hop vibe too. It really came together once the band started jamming it out and we just love it now.

HAPPY: I really love the Play School vibes of the clip! Who put that together and what was the thinking behind it?

THE CHESTERFIELD BAND: We wanted to have a symbol that everyone could relate too. We were going to run a competition at the primary school where Cam’s kids go and get them to draw a house for us but we quickly discovered that Dylan and Cam’s artistic abilities matched that of a six year old and actually worked! After that Cam decided to try his hand at some stick figure Picasso-inspired drawings. A few YouTube tutorials later and a whole lot of drawings, the video came together. We were kinda inspired by Vance Joy’s Rip Tide clip and the literal elements he used in his imagery and so we went a similar route.

HAPPY: Who are some key inspirations for The Chesterfield Band?

THE CHESTERFIELD BAND: Its the live shows that we love. Touring and playing music and getting our songs out there is the biggest driver for the band. Driving the roads listening to stand up comedians and playing your own music to people, doesn’t get much better really! We’re also incredibly competitive when we play beach bocci so we’re all pretty inspired to hold that winner cup!

HAPPY: You’ve lined up a huge string of tour dates. What are some of the highlight shows you’ve booked on this tour?

THE CHESTERFIELD BAND: Most of the shows are just going to be super good. Playing in Sydney at Lazy Bones and Sappho Books will be awesome and playing in Melbourne with some super talented local supports is sure to be a blast. Playing Byron Bay will be awesome… actually its just gonna be damn good the whole way through!

HAPPY: Any other new releases in the works?

THE CHESTERFIELD BAND: We’re planning to release another single in January and another in March next year with more touring and heaps of great show!

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat! Enjoy the tour.


Catch The Chesterfield Band live on any of the following tour dates:

August 17th – Polish White Eagle Club, Canberra
August 18th – Sappho Books, Glebe
August 19th – Lazybones Lounge, Marickville
August 25th – Albion Hotel, Albury
August 26th – Wandi Pub, Wandiligong
September 2nd – Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle
September 9th – Culpitt’s Winery, Ulladulla
September 14th – The George Kerferd, Beechworth
September 15th – Compass Pizz, Melbourne
September 16th – Birdhouse Bar & Kitchen, Wagga Wagga
September 28th – The Shawsy Hotel, Ballina
September 29th – Treehouse on Belongil, Byron Bay
September 30th – The Belligen Brewery, Coffs Harbour
October 12th – Rad Bar, Wollongong
October 13th – Gundaroo Music Festival, Gundaroo
October 27th – The Quarter Deck, Narooma