Disco Daddies: Foo Fighters are The Dee Gees in latest LP ‘Hail Satin’

The Foo Fighters swap jeans for flares in a recent shoot promoting their upcoming disco dipped LP, that pays homage to The Bee Gees.

Leading up to the next Record Store Day Drop on July 17, the Foo Fighters have revealed a new alter-ego – The Dee Gees.

In a recent photoshoot, the six-piece rock band rep disco drip to market their upcoming project and debut LP, Hail Satin.

Foo-Fighters-Dee-Gees LP new music Hail Satin
Image: Rolling Stone

On one side, the disco-inspired album will feature four Bee Gees covers and a rendition of “Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb. The other side of the record will cover five live tracks from their latest album, Medicine At Midnight, including “Making a Fire” and “Shame Shame”.

The limited-edition vinyl will be presented in a “dazzling rainbow mylar sleeve“.

In a playful message to fans, the Dee Gees suggested that the album should be enjoyed with “…exposed chest hair and little gold spoon necklace (If you know, you know…)“.

On 17 June, Foo Fighters announced the news via Twitter with a 16-second video featuring a holographic Dee Gees logo. The video appears to be a hybrid of disco and rock vibes, with the sample track and disco lights heavily referencing the 70’s, whilst the logo rings true to Foo Fighters rock roots.

The announcement showcases the band’s diversity and willingness to venture out of their musical comfort zone and expand their repertoire, which is why people are so excited!


Grohl has previously mentioned his admiration towards The Bee Gees, which was strengthened after watching their HBO documentary, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart (2020). The intimate documentary showcases the relationship between the brothers, from the band’s initial conception to their mainstream success.

What spurred them to pay homage to the disco trio through Hail Satin started out as a playful jam session between Grohl and fellow bandmates.

Foo-Fighters-Dee-Gees LP new music Hail Satin Bee Gees

Grohl hints that their covers will pay a sonic likeness to the original songs, where they sounded just “like the Bee Gees“. Despite having never sung in such a tone prior, Grohl joked about wishing he had 25 years earlier, “…it was the easiest song I have ever sung in my entire life!“.

Amongst The Dee Gees, The Record Store Day Drop will feature special releases by artists amongst the likes of Amy Winehouse, Rage Against The Machine, Lady Gaga, The Cure, Rolling Stones and AC/DC.

The Hail Satin tracklist can be viewed below:

Hail Satin:

Side A: The Dee Gees
1. You Should Be Dancing
2. Night Fever
3. Tragedy
4. Shadow Dancing
5. More Than a Woman
Side B: Live at 606
6. Making a Fire
7. Shame Shame
8. Waiting on a War
9. No Son of Mine
10. Cloudspotter