The BOSS HM-2W Heavy Metal Waza Craft is ready to melt faces

The HM-2W picks up where the original HM-2 left off, crafting the signature tones needed for genre-defining metal.

After a large haul of prototype demos and first glimpse pictures, the BOSS HM-2W Heavy Metal Waza Craft reissue is finally ready to melt faces. Based on the classic BOSS HM-2 distortion pedal that shaped the sound of ‘80s metal, the HM-2W aims to carry on the hardcore legacy of its predecessor, with a bit of help thanks to some additional tweaks and modern luxuries.

To ensure that this new pedal lives up to the standards of its users after the HM-2w was announced in November of 2020, BOSS created a Facebook group for pedal fans to contribute their ideas and help to shape the final design. The pedal has taken on the Waza Craft name too, adding to the series of high-end Japanese made BOSS pedals.

After a lengthy period of design and development, the HM-2W has finally been released and with it, new features and improvements over its forefather. From the very start, the pedal has seen an overall general improvement, with a reduced noise floor and an increase in a maximum output of +3db.

BOSS Heavy Metal

However, the real charm of the HM-2W comes from its new mode selector switch, which allows the user to choose between ‘Standard’ and ‘Custom’ settings. BOSS says that the Standard option will replicate the original HM-2 perfectly, giving the user exactly what they expect, the defining tone of Nordic heavy metal. The Custom option takes things to the next level literally, with an added drive stage, featuring increased gain and some slight adjustments to the low and high-mids, for additional attack and fullness.

The HM-2W comes with classic control knobbage as well. As its predecessor did, the HM-2W comes with level and distortion dials, and features a two knob colour mix EQ, labelled H and L respectively. The H knob takes control of tones in the 1 kHz range, while L conquers the 100 Hz range.

From June 17, the HM-2W is available for preorder from BOSS, for release in August this year. For more info, head over to the BOSS website.