Die For Mushies teach us ‘The Best Recipe for Scrambled Egg’

Gold Coast group, Die For Mushies were passed down an age-old formula for scrambled eggs and after many years, they are ready to share it.

5-piece Die For Mushies have steered away from their usual hard-rock road and delved into a sound that’s ready to feed the masses.

The track, The Best Recipe for Scrambled Eggis scrumptious, multi-layered, and as rich as the cheese it sings so fondly of.

Die For Mushies
Photographed by Peter Wheeler, @photographypeterwheeler

The single is accompanied with an explosive instructional video, oozing with cream and – you guessed it – cheese. The single melts outside the lines, a colour-bursting scribble of wonky riffs and informative lyrics.

Under the wing of Die For Mushies, we hop through a slippery roller-coaster, buttered with a glistening vocals. Similar to the echoes of The Clash and Ramones, the Gold Coast boys deliver their wisdom in the vessel of a good ol’fashioned rock riff.

There’s nothing more delicious than watching a catastrophic firework of cheese, eggs, milk, and cream, all set to punky shouts. The recipe feels so sacred that it can only be compared to the secret ingredient of Mr Krab’s, Crabby Patty.


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The track will inevitably become a crowd favourite amongst those who enjoy the wondrous scrambled egg. It’s impossible not to imagine a sweaty mosh-pit scrambling with the electric guitar riffs, whisking relentlessly to the tune.

In my professional opinion, The Best Recipe for Scrambled Egg should be a nation-wide educational video, compulsory in all schools and culinary classes. Bands worldwide should nod their heads in respect at the wonder that is Die For Mushies.

As instructed by the boys themselves: “prepare your ingredients and follow along with this helpful instructional video of ‘The Best Recipe For Scrambled Egg'” below: