Foo fighters announce a sweet free live stream from 606 studios

Turn up the volume and get ready to dive into the world of rock and roll, because the Foo Fighters are here to deliver an unforgettable experience!

Get ready to rock and roll, Happy fam, because the Foo Fighters are back with a bang! With the music industry adapting and evolving, we’re being treated to an incredible wave of free streaming concerts, and we couldn’t be happier. Whether it’s due to the effects of the pandemic or just good old-fashioned progress, we’re stoked either way!

Mark your calendars for June 2 because that’s when the Foo Fighters will unleash their new album, “But Here We Are,” via Roswell/RCA. But that’s not all! They’ve just dropped the second single from the album, called “Under You,” and they’ve got a surprise in store for us.

foo fighters

Hold onto your good selves, because on May 21, the Foo Fighters will be treating us to a spectacular live stream event titled “Foo Fighters: Preparing Music For Concerts.” This global streaming extravaganza will kick off at 8 p.m. BST / 3 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. PST. It’s going to be a wild ride, packed with electrifying rock & roll moments, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, and a few surprises that will leave you begging for more. And guess what? The whole thing will be happening in the spacious yet cozy confines of the band’s very own 606 studios.

You can catch this incredible event by heading over to www.foofighters.veeps.com. So, grab your snacks, crank up the volume, and get ready to rock out with the Foo Fighters as they give us a taste of their new album and a whole lot more. This is a live stream you won’t want to miss!

Meanwhile, wrap your earholes around “Under You” below.