Fools or geniuses? Check out the band earning thousands of Youtube hits with incorrect ‘How To’ videos

Nothing spurs on attention like a little bit of hate. That fact is, if something makes you uncontrollably angry, you’re far more likely to lash out at it with a well placed jab.

After watching one or two of these so-called ‘How To’ videos from the band Blame Candy, you’ll probably want to lash out yourself. Who wants to see Smells Like Teen Spirit butchered?

That’s until you realise there’s something greater at play than simple malpractice. There’s something finely curated about Blame Candy’s image, the ‘I don’t give a fuck if this is wrong’ attitude that shines through their maligned videos. That’s right; they’re doing it on purpose.

how to videos tutorial blame candy

Fighting fire with fire: Blame Candy are having a laugh and lapping up the Youtube hate with a series of well-placed ‘How To’ videos.

And somehow, in each one of these aggravating videos, the fellas from the band know exactly which notes to miss for maximum annoyance. A further dedication to their art comes in the form of zoom cuts, and the other usual tropes you see in tutorial videos.

Shine on you crazy fucking diamonds, can’t wait to see what you fuck up with a mastermind’s efficiency next.

But I recommend Stairway to Heaven.

Via Reddit.