Take a 10-minute journey through The Dream Factory, aka Fender’s Custom Shop

Fender’s Custom Shop is turning 30 this year, and to celebrate director Ross Haines has shot a short documentary dedicated to what Fender calls the ‘nirvana for guitar lovers’ – it’s called The Dream Factory, and yep, it’s basically just that.

Fender custom Shop

Take a 10-minute journey through The Dream Factory – aka Fender’s Custom Shop – and maybe have a little cry about the fact that you don’t work there.

The idea for The Dream Factory came out of a trip Ross took to the Fender Custom Shop while scouting for another shoot. As he puts it, “when we walked in we were blown away. It’s just an incredible wonderland of vintage machines and hard-working craftsman doing what they’ve been doing for decades. Any photographer or filmmaker would have a field day in that place.”

“After seeing the Custom Shop, the elite shop within Fender which is pretty much the Holy Grail of guitar making, I was super inspired to tell a deeper story about some aspect of the space. From there, the creative director, Nate Morley, and I brainstormed this concept and as timing would have it, it just so happened to be the 30th Anniversary of the Custom Shop.”

Watch below and die inside lamenting that you don’t work at this place.

Dream factory alright.

While you’re here, compare this to Fender’s factory in the 50s.

[Cheers to Monster Children for shedding a light on this]