Forget origami, this genius created a fully-functional organ out of nothing but paper

The genius of others never ceases to amaze, but this is utterly ridiculous. Paper engineer Aliaksei Zholner, who has previously defied the laws of physics by creating a V8 engine out of paper, has wowed the world once again with a paper organ.

It’s an odd 18 keys, but that doesn’t make Zholner’s work any less unbelievable. It’s tuned correctly, the chords sound surprisingly good and it gets seriously intricate once you get down to the nitty gritty of the organ’s inner workings.

What an organ does need is airflow though, and while you could technically work this one by blowing air inside with your mouth, Zholner solves this problem with a deflating balloon.

paper organ

What’s the greatest thing you’ve accomplished with a sheet of paper? Aliaksei Zholner’s paper organ is something you’ll have to see to believe.

The paper organ uses everything which makes a regular organ tick; reeds, pipes, keys all conspire to miraculously  produce sound from this feat of design and engineering.

Listen to it in action in the video above.

Via Colossal.