Forget the double-decker couch, this guy built synth cases out of Lego

First we had Lego Moog synths, and now you can carry your synths in a case MADE from Lego. Really, is it a surprise that Lego is more valuable than gold?

Lego synth case 1

Now before you get too excited know this, it isn’t a Lego sanctioned case we’re talking about. This is the work of Berlin mate Daniel Mueller who took advantage of the Lego Technic range to fashion some impressive cases for his Eurorack modules.

Lego synth case 2 Lego synth case 3 Lego synth case 4

You can’t buy Mueller’s cases, but head to his Flickr page to oogle his creations and get working on your own. Just be careful when handling these things. Maybe Lord Business’ policy on gluing Lego pieces together would be a good idea in this case.

First seen on FACT.