Hendrix, Korg, Teenage Engineering & Vox: Four lil gems to come out of NAMM 2024 that blew our minds

We know musicians are obsessed with all things stylish and vintage. This year, NAMM brought the goods and then some.

Forget shiny new gadgets, although there were a lot of them – and one which we will heap the praise on in a second -NAMM 2024 was all about the old guard turning back the clock (and cranking the amps) with a wave of reissues and reinventions.

It was like history class for gearheads, and let me tell you, these classics have some killer new tricks up their sleeves.

teenage engineering namm 2024

Check out four standouts from this years NAMM:

Hendrix’s Iconic Guitar Strap

Remember that iconic strap from Hendrix’s Monterey Pop set? The one that witnessed guitar-burning history? Yeah, Dunlop’s bringing it back with their Jimi Hendrix Pop Festival strap.

Same trippy pattern, chunky metal buckle, instant stage swagger. We know, we know, it’s pure marketing gold, but hey, we’re suckers for anything Hendrix, and you know it.

hendrix dunlop guitar starp

Check it out here.

Korg Revives a Monster Synth:

The legendary PS-3300, the behemoth of a synthesizer with an analog oscillator for every key is back.  Yep, Korg unearthed this rare beast from the late ’70s and gave it a 21st-century makeover.

This reissue’s a beast under the hood – original analog goodness with USB, MIDI, and patch storage to keep things modern. Aphex Twin himself helped them nail the sound – nuff said?

PS-3300 reissue

Check it out here.

Vox AC30: Hand-Wired for Hand-Clapping Goodness:

Vox wanted to capture the true magic of the original AC30. So, they did what any gear nerd would do – they meticulously dissected one, scanned every part, and 3D-modeled them for a faithful hand-wired recreation.

The result? The new AC Hand-Wired range, from the pocket-sized AC4 to the stage-shaking AC30.

These amps are pure vintage tone, meticulously crafted for the ultimate AC experience.

vox namm 2024

Check it out here.

Teenage Engineering’s EP-133 KO II:

A standout however in terms of new and shiny, has to be Teenage Engineering’s EP-133 KO II. Our favourite minimalist electronic music makers have gone and customised three arcade machines to house their KO IIs.

It’s a cheeky nod to the playful spirit of the KO II itself, a potent sampler boasting a streamlined workflow, next-level “punch-in 2.0” effects for dynamic manipulation, and sampling precision that cuts like a diamond.

This isn’t just a bigger brother to the classic PO-33; it’s a genre-defying leap forward, empowering seasoned beatmakers and curious newcomers alike to push creative boundaries. Forget the headphones – plug in, punch in, and play to win. The arcade’s open.

teenage engineering EP-133 KO II namm 2024

NAMM 2024 was the ultimate love letter to music, proving that the past can power the future, juts as much as the present can.