Francisco's Fortune Premiere video for The Bells

Lost connections are something of a contemporary urban legend. You read them constantly in the pride of Sydney that is MX (don’t pretend that you don’t, we all do). The desperate plea for the cute girl in the white coat and glasses who got off at Petersham station at 6.45pm on a Tuesday to share coffee with ‘blue tie guy’ is a frequent source of entertainment for some, yet a very real instance of two people wallowing in a missed connection and the desire for what could be.

It’s basic human instinct to seek out others who make us feel safe and happy. Even if it was only a chance glance with someone across the bar, wouldn’t you want to know whether they could well be the one? That’s the question Francisco’s Fortune seeks to answer in his clip for The Bells.

Francisco's Fortune

Napkins, train tracks and Telstra. Francisco’s Fortune brings his longing track The Bells to life with sweetness, sincerity and romance in his new video.

Francisco’s Fortune has been a busy little bee this last year. The guy has only released a handful of tracks and has garnered a small yet devoted fan base. Is he that talented a musician? Or is it due to the undisputed power of the Sri Lankan Aunty Gossip Network*? Let’s chalk it up to both. Regardless, Francisco’s knack for throwing together catchy pop melodies with honest storytelling of the everyday fella is pretty darn charming in its own right.

“Pick it up, pick it up, ’cause you’re swinging from the bells between my ears. Pick it up, pick it up, girl, ’cause your ringin’ ain’t getting any softer here” may not be the most clever metaphor used in song (but a far cry from the most horrid) but it manages to nicely establish the primary themes in The Bells. In one of Christopher Nolan’s more bombastic films the philosophy of an idea being the most dangerous parasite known to man was put forth and it’s one that speaks to the nature of The Bells. A missed romantic connection may well be just that, but the promise of something more, of a life full of joy is one that begins to play on the mind.

The video for The Bells was directed by David Fulham and Louise O’Hara of Harlow Films and they do a decent job bringing these ideas to film. The longing and the romance are abundant throughout the clip. The flirty glances exchanged between Francisco and his lady love. The thrill of courtship. The nostalgia of Telstra phone booths. It’s all handled with a sweetness and sincerity that serves as a worthy companion to this deceptively sunny song.

Francisco’s Fortune will be playing a few select shows along our fair east coast, so be sure to get on down to those shows.

*FACT: Information travels faster via the Sri Lankan Aunty Gossip Network than 4G