Fresh off the release of her new single, we caught up with PRINS for a chat -

Fresh off the release of her new single, we caught up with PRINS for a chat

A couple of weeks ago, when we first heard PRINS‘ new single Notion, we were immediately on board with her vibrant electro-pop sounds.

So fresh off the track’s release, we caught up with the artist herself to chat about the single, the visual side of music, and what the future holds.

Fresh off the release of her incredible new single Notion, we caught up with New Zealand-based artist PRINS for a chat.

HAPPY: Hey, how’s it going? What are you up to at the moment?

PRINS: Hey! I’m great thanks. I’ve just finished two days of vocal tracking for a new single which is pretty exciting!

HAPPY: We’re loving Notion! How does it feel having the track out there in the world?

PRINS: I’m so happy to hear it! It feels great, although I’m already onto the next thing, constantly want to push more music into the world.

HAPPY: Could you tell us a bit about the track?

PRINS: So the track is a funky summer jam about learning to lose yourself in the moment and let go. I wanted to write something uplifting and easy that people could really vibe to.

HAPPY: You spent a number of years performing in a covers duo, right? Do you think your time doing this influences the music you make currently?

PRINS: Yes, I still do at this stage on the side but the plan is to transition these to just original works. I’m not sure if it’s influenced my writing as such but it’s certainly made me sure about the genre and what I like. The sound is constantly building and changing with each song which I love.

HAPPY: One thing that struck me immediately when I first stumbled across your music was the visual element. Everything seems really carefully considered. How important is the visual side of music to you?

PRINS: The visual side is very important to me. I wanted to make a bold statement – I’ve always been a dancer, actor and singer so for me the whole package is what I want to give to people especially when it comes to being versatility. I’m planning on showing that with each new track I release.

HAPPY: Do you feel like strong imagery enhances a listening experience?

PRINS: Absolutely! With the amount of social media influence and digital platforms, the image can change a lot of things. This can definitely be used in both positive and negative aspects though, for example, sometimes a song can be lifted purely by the impact of a visual or video. Hence why the whole package to me is so important.

HAPPY: We’re picking up a few different sounds in your music… are there any particular artists you’re currently seeking inspiration from?

PRINS: Hmm. I actually try not to be too influenced by other sounds in order for my music to come across as truly authentic. However, I do love the likes of Dua Lipa, Amy Winehouse, Bebe Rexha, The Weeknd to name a few artists I love.

HAPPY: What’s next for PRINS? Any other exciting plans in the works?

PRINS: I definitely have some big plans moving forward – basically a ton of music and looking at ways to kick the more live performances into gear. The years going to be huge I feel!

HAPPY: Cheers for the chat!

PRINS: Thanks so much!

Notion is available now. Listen above.