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Sarah P. releases the surreal final chapter in her Maenads video trilogy

Maenads is a triumphant return for Sarah P. as she explores the startling interrelations between mental health and female empowerment.

Sarah P, the former frontwoman of chillwave duo Keep Shelly In Athens has hit back with a beautifully coalesced piece of audiovisual art. It’s no wonder her legions of fans continue to grow.

Sarah P. releases the final chapter in her explorative Maenads video trilogy. The consistency of her dreamlike reveries could group the jaw-dropping videos into one beautiful short film.

The stunning, ethereal video trilogy from her recent EP Maenads, is a beautifully unusual examination of Sarah’s Greek heritage and individualism. Although this is her most accessible work yet, this is still a surreal experience, sprinkled with the dust of strange.

In Greek mythology, Maenads were the female followers of Dionysus (the party god) and literally translates to “raving ones”. As such there is a rich exploration of Sarah’s Greek heritage, delving into the mythological culture of ancient Athens and drawing stark contrasts to her modern life.

Dotted with spoken word and whispers the whole EP carries an air of surreal poetry as if Sarah is dragging you through a drug-induced cult indoctrination of ancient Greece. Coupled with elements of disco and electro, the body of work leaves the listener reeling from the dreamlike experiences that is hard to box in with words or genres.

Part two in the video trilogy, Lotus Eaters, features several followers of Dionysus as they practice hedonism and indulgence, remote of feelings. These themes reflect Sarah’s time in Athens as she felt like a party reveller, removed from self and true emotion.

Sarah concludes her reflections in the clip for the EP’s title track Maenads. The bird here symbolises mental illness and playfully haunts Sarah, throughout the clip, whilst remaining uncomfortably friendly. The video explores the need to come to terms with one’s own troubles and is executed in such sublime form as to leave you stunned.

Sarah had this to say on the project, “Mental illness never truly goes away, but learning more about it can help you understand what’s going on inside your mind and body and therefore, control it better.”

Sarah P’s latest addition to her catalogue is a stunning creation; the self-reflection and enshrouded clarity that is achieved is something many artists aspire too. Sarah P. has let us into a window of her world, as Maenads is no doubt only a small part of the larger picture yet to be revealed.

Watch the three videos above, and listen to the Maenads EP below:


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March 13, 2019

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