Friendlyjordies producer pleads ‘not guilty’ to stalking John Barilaro

Kristo Langker, Friendlyjordies producer, pleads ‘not guilty’ to stalking NSW Deputy Premiere John Barilaro.

Kristo Langker, the 21-year-old music student and producer of political YouTube series Friendlyjordies, has driven John Barilaro to call for his arrest after stalking accusations.

It’s been exactly three weeks since Langker’s home was stormed by NSW counter-terrorism police, where he was arrested and his family assaulted.

kristo Langker arrest barilaro friendlyjordies shanks premiere
Image: Independent Australia

In an act of retaliated intimidation, Barilaro sent NSW police to Langer’s home in Dulwich Hill, charging him with “two counts of stalking or intimidating…with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm“.

However, the only victims of any physical and mental harm were Langker’s mother and girlfriend, who were left traumatised, “injured and in pain” after police made their arrest.

Additionally, Barilaro is suing Friendlyjordies star, Jordan Shanks-Markovina, for “defamation” due to videos accusing the deputy premiere of corruption.

Barilaro described the videos as “vile and racist.

According to police, Shanks response to this involved dressing up as video game character, Luigi, and approaching Barilaro with Langker, questioning him, “Why are you suing us, why are you suing us?

kristo Langker arrest barilaro friendlyjordies jordan shanks premiere
Image: Reddit

The second interaction between Langker and Barilaro occurred on the 4 June, the day he was arrested.

Langker approached Barilaro in Sydney asking him “Deputy premier, why are you suing my boss?

Langker is being charged based on these two incidents and has called for a trial by jury.

Mark Davis, Langker’s solicitor, said the grounds on which his client were arrested are “outrageous“, stating that a simple AVO warning or questioning at the police station would have been sufficient.

Instead, his actions warranted counter-terrorism enforcement measures.

He’s an innocent man, we’ve yet to see any evidence at all beyond a general police statement about the offence.

Langker requested the ability to walk past Parliament House to attend the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he currently studies.

However, his request was denied due to the bail conditions, which prohibit Langker from going within 100 metres of any place Mr Barilaro works.

Additionally, the judge refused to hold a bail hearing on the grounds that evidence was presented to him by Langker’s lawyer “too late” and his court was “too busy”.

When questioned why he disliked Barilaro, Langker stated that his efforts had nothing to do with disliking Barilaro, but with holding him accountable for his actions.