Friends To The End, release satirical tune, ‘Where’d You Put The Baby?’

Texan group, Friends To The End, deliver an eerily whimsical track, Where’d You Put The Baby?, accompanied with equally satirical visuals.

Swizzled in hidden meanings and a quirky melody, soft-rock group, Friends To The End, release their fourth single and music Where’d You Put The Baby?.

The single is magnetic in its hyperbolised humour both visually and sonically, launching a nostalgic 70’s sound into the modern music era.

Friends To The End
Frontman and Founder of ‘Friends To The End’: Thom Kurtz

Where’d You Put The Baby?, is a track inspired the adage “don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater”. Frontman and founder of Friends To The End, Thom Kurtz, explains that the message asserts the cluelessness of leaders who throw out old ways without a plan to follow.

Saturated in an 80’s guitar riff and a gothically transcendent organ, there is nothing ordinary about the track.

The accompanying visuals starring,  Abyon McInnis and Sweet Van Loan flow along the equally bizarre terrain. The protagonists wander aimlessly around their home, hallucinating each others’ face as a baby, the visuals quickly become equivalent to the chaos of a haunted circus as Kurtz sings; “did you draw the bathwater? The baby needs a little washin'”.  

“My lyrics just ask the listener some simple questions, because, [as said by David A. Reed] if something causes [him] to form a new opinion in his own mind, he cannot escape the conclusion, because it’s a conclusion he has reached himself” Kurtz explains.


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The group, founded by Kurtz in 2016 has never steered away from thought-provoking music. Blending their soft-rock sound with lyrics that ooze in compelling anecdotes, Friends To The End’s melodies should be consumed with imaginative binoculars, seeking out the darker messages behind their colour-bursting tunes.

Have a listen to the group’s latest track Where’d You Put The Baby? below: