Gee Casino evokes Hunter S. Thompson on new single ‘Depop Lovestory’

Johnny Depp inspires the new single from Gee Casino, a sun-drenched nostalgia inducer titled Depop Lovestory.

Gee Casino has found love in unexpected places on Depop Lovestory, a 60s groover that serves as one of the Melbourne-based musician’s latest singles.

Adorned with shimmering synths and punchy drum rolls, the single feels like it belongs to a sorely missed era of soft-rock, with a sun-drenched aesthetic brimming with nostalgia. 

Gee Casino 'Chinatown' single

Like most 60s rock, Depop Lovestory veers into Beatles-like pop territory with enrapturing results, as tinkling keys and fuzzy guitar strums soundtrack Gee Casino’s recollection of an online meet-cute.

There’s psychedelic flairs littered throughout Depop Lovestory, with panning sci-fi synths adding extra texture to the already-lush soundscape. 

Much like Gee Casino’s fellow recent single Chinatown, Depop Lovestory pairs its fairytale feel with the singer’s deeply rich baritone, making for a contrast that’s altogether intoxicating.

With its Disney-inspired strings and commitment to the soft-rock stylings of bands like The Beach Boys, Depop Lovestory is the kind of waltzing cut that might’ve played during Back To The Futures Enchantment Under The Sea dance.

Gee Casino 'Chinatown' single

The hallmark of a great songwriter is their ability to draw from personal experiences, which for Gee Casino means a particularly surprising backstory behind Depop Lovestory. After watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the singer took to Depop to source Johnny Depp’s iconic sunglasses. 

When he deemed the price too high, Gee Casino offered to write a song about the sunglass seller in exchange for a cheaper fee, and so Depop Lovestory was born.

The context is important not only in highlighting Gee Casino’s unique approach to artistry, but also for the fact that Depop Lovestory elicits the same yellowish hues that adorn Depp’s glasses, giving a synesthetic feel to his songwriting. 

Gee Casino 'Chinatown' single

“I had to become delusional about that person that I have never met just for the cause of writing a song about them,” Gee Casino explained in a press statement. 

It’s the kind of cinematic approach to music that you’d expect from an artist who sketched the urban landscape so vividly on Chinatown, and Depop Lovestory is further proof of Gee Casino’s multisensory finesse. 

Listen to Gee Casino’s new single Depop Lovestory below.