SIG SALI enlist Natassa Zoë for lovelorn alt-pop single ‘Pillow Thoughts’

Doomed reunions with an ex are at the heart of Pillow Thoughts, the new, Natassa Zoë-assisted single from SIG SALI. 

SIG SALI are the source of their own destruction of Pillow Thoughts, the duo’s new single that recounts an ill-fated return to a toxic former flame.

An electronic-infused club anthem that enlists featured artist Natassa Zoë, the single opens with punchy percussion and an earworm guitar melody courtesy of SIG SALI’s Danny Pugh. 

SIG SALI single 'Pillow Thoughts'

Placed squarely within the colourful realm of alt-pop, Pillow Thoughts breezes by on fuzz rock grooves and ear-catching electric flairs.

In between glitch-filled sound effects and a dance-ready bassline, Zoë sings of reuniting with a lover who once caused her pain, a tale of self-sabotage that belies the single’s otherwise-candied and euphoric production. 

There’s a pristine quality to Pillow Thoughts’ production, as Pugh extends upon a range of glittering synths and ascendent vocal harmonies for a soundscape that retains the immaculate sheen of pop music while also feeling altogether gritty and bold.

The track’s shiniest moment has to be the bridge, where Zoë’s vocals soar atop an explosion of instrumentals which make for a head-thrasher of a final chorus. 


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Props are also in order for Pillow Thoughts’ hook; a catchy and vocal melodic riff that recalls grunge-pop of The Veronicas. To craft a simmering and radio-ready banger is one thing, but Pillow Thoughts adds extra depth with incisive storytelling around the inescapability of our past relationships, showcasing a lyrical depth not always heard on traditional pop airwaves.

Here, Zoë laments her return to a person who gets her “feeling all defeated,” but whose touch nonetheless still elicits “hot fire.” It’s a vulnerable and relatable tale of mending heartache, and the vulnerability is especially poignant as it sits within what sounds like a club-ready anthem. 

SIG SALI single 'Pillow Thoughts'
Credit: Saz Watson

Pillow Thoughts marks SIG SALI’s third-ever single, having released the tracks Stay Tonight and Reasons since their 2022 debut.


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For her part, Zoë serves as the vocalist and guitarist for the Sydney band Dande and The Lion, and is a session guitarist of Hayley Mary

Catch the trio in action with SIG SALI and Natassa Zoë’s new single Pillow Thoughts below.