From true crime to comedy: our 10 favourite Australian podcasts

Podcasts are a relatively new phenomenon sweeping the digital world. Perhaps you just got a flashy new pair of headphones? Or maybe you just wanna know what the fuck everyone is talking about.

Here are our 10 favourite Australian podcasts to keep you in the know.

Australian podcasts

Here are our 10 favourite Australian podcasts of all time. From true crime to sports, politics and nerd culture these are the most bite-sized bullets in Aus.

10. Osher Günsberg Interviews

Despite his appearances hosting the Bachelor, Osher Günsberg is a remarkably deep and intuitive interviewer. He has hundreds of podcasts on his channel and is dedicated to updating it weekly with Australian and International personalities from all walks of life.

Funny stories from weird and whacky people… and Osher actually steps away from the mic to let his interviewees talk.

9. The Party Room

Even if you’re only remotely interested in politics or you have a particularly outspoken friend, The Party Room will keep you well informed in a breezy manner.

Join Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas in The Party Room as they make federal politics as interesting as ever. They analyse all the latest news from the Parliament House with some of the sharpest minds in journalism.

Listen to The Party Room here.

8. The Weekly Planet

If you’re a geek like me then The Weekly Planet has all your nerd news covered. Hosts James and Nick have great chemistry, making this podcast less like tuning in to a news segment and more like kicking back with a couple of mates.

You will get a chunky update on nerd culture and news before the duo focus in depth on an issue: a movie they’ve seen, a new game, it’s all good.

7. Felon True Crime

Tales of true crime from the underbelly of Australia. They focus on popular cases you may have heard of and that’s the most gripping part. These stories are brutal and violent so prepare yourselves for the worst.

Often told in narration, sometimes offering real audio, these are grim stories of the darkest minds Down Under.

6. The Real Thing

If you’re a fan of TV shows like Australian Story (lets be honest who’s not?) then The Real Thing is perfect for you. It can be both uplifting and gut wrenching.

Using the resources of the ABC to tell both sides of every story the podcast aims to deliver unique Australian tales straight to your ears. Also, they use some amazing sound effects to keep you fervently enthralled from beginning to end.

Listen to The Real Thing here.

5. SBS The World Game Football

When The World Game TV show departed from SBS many years ago Australians have been forced to seek alternative sources for their jab in the arm of football adrenaline. The podcast version has solved all problems with A-League post game analyses, news updates and game scores from around the globe.

The podcasts are relatively sporadically there is still plenty of gold to tap into during the off season and terrific hosts Lucy Zelic and Crag Foser are among the best.

4. Phoebe’s Fall

Much like The Teacher’s Pet, Pheobe’s Fall follows the unfortunate misgivings of one Australian woman and the failings of our judiciary system. The coroner declared 24 year old Phoebe Handsjuk dead by misadventure after jumping down the garbage chute of her building while on drugs and alcohol.

However, ever since her family have been trying to appeal the decision in court. Two reporters from The Age delve deep into the case and the evidences mysterious shortcomings. Another gripping tale of our justice system failing it’s people.

3. Science Vs

This podcast is a trick question because it actually started out as another brilliant ABC podcast before being picked up by American company Gilmet Media. So technically it still belongs on this list.

Hosted by Aussie Wendy Zuckerman, her team research a host of current ideas and issues such as sharks, the female brain, e-cigarettes, ghosts, climate change, DNA and so much more. Science Vs will stimulate your brain in al the best ways.

2.  Wilosophy

One of the certifiably funniest people of all time, Wil Anderson interviews a swathe of recognisable names with a collection of funny, stupid and serious questions to try and plunder the meaning of life.

Delving to the core of the individual, Anderson gets Wilosophical with names like: Todd Samson, Tim Minchin, Josh Thomas, Osher Günsberg, John Safran, Charlie Pickering, Annabel Crabb, Jen Kirkman, Alice Fraser and Myf Warhurst among a smattering of others.

1. The Teacher’s Pet

This 14 episode series is on everyone’s lips. It traces a very disturbing trail of bread crumbs from a young mother’s disappearance in the 1980s to the failing of police to investigate properly. Corrupt cops and shady high school teachers using students for sex, it’s all here and investigative journalist Hedley Thomas goes over all the clues.

It’s a gripping piece of journalism and is told in a highly engaging series of episodes that have shot a breathe of air into the lungs of a cold case, bringing it back into the spotlight as the public eagerly awaits case developments. Easily one of the best Australian podcasts of all time.

Listen to The Teacher’s Pet here.