Future, here we come: Elon Musk set to unveil first demo of his brain-computer chip on Friday

Neuralink founder Elon Musk has announced a working demo of a brain-computer chip, set to be unveiled this Friday, as he looks to merge the brain with AI.

World-renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk has promised a working demo of a brain-computer device, developed by his latest start-up Neuralink, on Friday.

While Musk is most commonly known for his ventures with SpaceX and Tesla, Neuralink was founded in 2016 with the aim of merging the human brain and artificial intelligence, and it seems we’re about to get an inside look at their progress.

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The news comes after Musk announced just over a month ago that Neuralink was in the process of developing an interface that would stream music straight into your brain.

He also tweeted in July that there would be a progress update on August 28, with the billionaire seemingly keeping to his promise.

In a video retweeted by the Neuralink founder, the human-symbiosis update is set to feature a robot which is designed to attach the technology to the brain, a demo of neurons firing in real-time, and further news on human trials in 2020.

The brain chip’s function has progressively been hinted at by Musk, with benefits such as the ability to help control hormone levels and help with anxiety, as well as solving brain and spinal injuries.

The procedure to implant the chip is said to be similar to laser eye surgery performed by a neurosurgical robot; however, Musk has stated that the process isn’t close to being unveiled.

The webcast is set for 3 pm PT on Friday, 8 am AEST on Saturday, with all eyes of the science and technology world on the advancement.