Fuzzrays new EP Velvet Curtains will melt your brain

Melbourne four-piece Fuzzrays belt out a brain-mangling brand of psych garage that’ll kick you right in the teeth. But with a name like Fuzzrays, what did you expect?

The outfit take indie-rock and soak it in a healthy dose of grimy scuzz, creating a a sound that feels simultaneously psychotic and infectious.

Velvet Curtains, the brain-mangling debut EP from Melbourne four-piece Fuzzrays, makes for one hell of a debut release.

On their debut EP Velvet Curtains, the band ooze out a unique concoction of psych, garage, and surf-punk to craft a sound belonging entirely to themselves.

As far as debut EPs go, this is pretty much as good as it gets. The band present a fully-formed mission statement and stick to it with undying loyalty.

The EPs opening track Neon Leon features one of the most addictive vocal melodies on the album, while the band rip through a frantic bed of garage noise.

On El Pie – the EP’s slow-burning centrepiece – the band navigate crunching rhythms and piercing guitar lines with a glorious lo-fi charm.

By the time Velvet Curtains‘ 33-second instrumental closer Marshall Applewhite reaches its conclusion you’ll be left feeling pretty out of breath. This is EP is a non-stop barrage of warped gutter-psych sounds that’ll leave a deep impression on your psyche.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.

Catch Fuzzrays launch their EP live at YaYa’s, Fitzroy on Saturday 1st September. More info here.