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Gamer’s paradise: Inphonik launch Sega Mega Drive synth VST

The classic sounds of the Sega Mega Drive have always been a major influence for many producers and audio engineers since its release in the late ’80s. Now, a new emulation of the original Sega Mega Drive sound card is now in VST format with the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer, thanks to audio software legends, Inphonik.

The original Yamaha YM2612 sound chip is now lovingly recreated and DAW ready. Inphonik’s RYM2612 is a cycle-accurate recreation of this chip and captures the unique sound characteristics of its original predecessor. The company has taken it one step further in authenticity by reproducing the amp circuitry of the console itself. An improvement that is sure to give you the same nostalgic rush you’d get from plugging your old Sega straight into your computer.RYM 2612 Synth VST

Inphonik promises to deliver the ultimate in sound simulation with their new Sega Mega Drive plugin: the RYM2612. A powerful tool for any retro game composer.

The new RYM2612 comes armed with features such as audio input for giving your tracks that 8-bit PCM glitchiness and switchable output filtering and ladder effects for that true gritty Sega sound. A few previous limitations of the original console have been removed for modern workflows, for instance, the option for up to 16 voices of polyphony and dedicated PCM channel.

Those who aren’t satisfied with the massive soundbank of more than 100 patches might be interested in what is perhaps the coolest feature of the RYM2612: the free companion app, RYMCast.

If you’ve ever wanted to steal the exact sound straight from your favourite Sega game then this app will allow you to do exactly that. RYMCast is a VGM player that allows you to play original Sega Music files, select individual music tracks and load the sound straight into the RYM2612 to play and customise with as you please.

All this runs with a surprisingly low CPU usage, simple user interface and VST, AU, AAX and RE formats.

To see the full story and for more information visit Inphonik.