Razer Kaira X for PS5 and PC: Gear Review

The Razer Kaira X is a product tailor-made for modern gaming applications, and while somewhat light on features and excitement, it is easy to recommend.

Razer know gaming, and their hardware offerings normally take full advantage of their expertise. Their new Kaira X headphones are being marketed as designed for the PS5, but in truth they are just as well suited for use with PC or, keep this hush hush, Xbox.

That’s right, the Kaira X comes with a 3.5mm jack, meaning that if you can fit the jack into the socket, it will work equally as well across platforms. The only point of difference between the ‘For PS5″ and ‘For Xbox’ versions of the Kaira X is the number of available colours. So with that in mind, let’s get to the nitty gritty of this review.

kaira x
Image: Razer Kaira X

Sound quality

Razer’s marketing of the Kaira X is focusing pretty heavily on the inclusion their trademark Triforce 50mm drivers, which are said to tune highs, mids, and lows separately. This is said to create a brighter, more focused representation of the sound with “richer trebles and more powerful bass“.

The Kaira X’s sound is pretty balanced for a pair of headphones aimed at gamers, make no mistake about that. However, their sound profile, in my opinion, lacks of a bit of excitement. This balance makes them ideal for online play, where clarity and distinction between in game sound and player chatter is critical.

Unfortunately though, they wouldn’t be my first choice of headphones for a game where atmosphere and immersion are an important part of the experience. They just don’t pack the necessary punch. This is also down to the fact these headphones don’t support 3D audio on either the PS5 – they do support Windows Sonic on PC though.

kaira x for ps5
Image: Razer Kaira X


These headphones feel great to wear. Memory foam cushioning means that these headphones won’t hurt your ears, even over the course of a long gaming session that creeps into the early hours of the morning.

The ear cushions also breathe quite well, meaning sweaty ears shouldn’t be a problem, even in warmer environments.

Build quality

The Kaira X are a well made set of headphones that should last at least as long as their two-year warranty suggests. Made from durable plastics, the body of the headphones should withstand reasonable usage.

Importantly, the knitted cord that connects the headphones to the jack is flexible and copes well with being moved about. This leads me to believe they shouldn’t suffer prematurely from damaged internal wiring.

kaira x razer
Image: Razer Kaira X


The Kaira X’s microphone is one of its best executed features, highlighting what I said before about Razer knowing their audience. The microphone comes fixed to the left ear housing, although its connector is suitably flexible to allow for significant movement.

The microphone itself has a surprisingly rich tone, meaning you’ll sound like a real boss.


The Kaira X could have been even better if Razer had managed to package it with some sort of 3D audio capability. Despite this, it’s a great option for what it has been designed to do: play online video games.

And considering its attractive price point ($59.95 USD), it’s one of the best options in its weight division.


To learn more or purchase the Kaira X click here.