Netflix is reportedly planning a GameStonk feature film

Netflix wants in on some of that sweet GameStonk action, and has reportedly started work on a related film project.

The GameStonk story just keeps getting better and better – even Netflix wants a piece. The streaming service is reportedly putting together a crash team of talent to film-ify the GME fluctuations that have been the talk of Wall Street for the last few weeks.

Now, when I first heard that David Fincher was directing a film about the rise and rise of Facebook, I was severely underwhelmed. However, come the release of The Social Network, I was left wiping the egg off my face. It was a pretty damn interesting story and the whole production team nailed the execution. So while I might not be thrilled at the idea of a GameStonk drama, I can appreciate its potential.

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If you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks you might not have heard about GameStonk, so I will give you an incredibly brief rundown (the longer, more detailed version is also recommended). A bunch of internet sleuths and clucky investors targeted a careless Wall Street hedge fund and hilarity ensued.

Well, sort of. At this stage it’s looking like a lot of people, on both sides, lost money.

GameStonk is about whatever you want it to be about. A David vs. Goliath story. Justification for eating the rich. A philosophical discourse lamenting that money is all that matters. It’s about everything and nothing at precisely the same time. And that is apparently exactly what Netflix is looking for.

The sources online aren’t super credible and nothing has been confirmed yet, and of course Netflix has declined to comment. However, it sounds just the right amount of crazy to be true.

According to Deadline, Mark Boal, the writer behind The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty, is in talks to write the script. Other names that are reportedly attached include actor Noah Centineo, of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before fame, and activist/academic Scott Galloway.