TAWANDA brings an assured flow and BROCKHAMPTON energy on ‘WAIT’

TAWANDA brings his seasoned production and songwriting chops to his debut single WAIT, successfully creating a rap/pop banger.

WAIT may be the first single from TAWANDA, but his assured flow on the track tells a different story. With songwriting credits for triple j unearthed artists like Yawdoesitall and Syns, the producer has been making an imprint in the local Sydney music scene for quite some time.

His hustle and patience make him a respectable up-and-comer, and WAIT confirms that the rapper has plenty to contribute as a solo act, as well as a collaborator.


When I first heard WAIT, with its flowery plucking and heavy drums, it became clear TAWANDA listens to a wide array of genres and styles. His brands 1NCE AGAIN and NEW AGE both aim to spotlight excellent local acts in Sydney and, by constantly observing and working with other Sydney acts, the artist has brought all the best influences into his own material.

This is immediately evident in his debut rap pop banger.

Entering with the trap drums, the artist’s flow oozes with confidence and excellent pronunciation, making it easy to hear the lyrics. Quips like: “They don’t really know about the streets” place TAWANDA as an artist to learn from, as he dishes out his own experiences in the scene. His delivery changes seamlessly from the verse to the chorus, as he sings out a hook that sticks.

He elasticity carries into the next verse, as his rhythm changes yet again, creating an exciting and fresh listening experience, with all the fat cut out. By the time the last chorus comes, TAWANDA will have you hook, line and sinker, as you rush to put the track in your workout playlist.

Unsurprisingly, TAWANDA’s time on the scene as a songwriter and producer has paid off massively – patience is key. Every bar of WAIT feels like a hook, and while the track is incredibly catchy, it never gets boring or drags on too long. This is the mark of an experienced songwriter, who understands that the listener needs to be captivated throughout. When I listen to WAIT, I’m reminded of BROCKHAMPTON, an international boy-band rap/pop group that also excels in creating hook-filled material. If this is TAWANDA’s debut, then his potential as an artist has nowhere to go but up.

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