ICM asserts himself on pulsating new single ‘WHERE’S THE SCOOP?’

“Lose my number don’t call no more,” ICM declares on his new single ‘WHERE’S THE SCOOP‘, “you don’t really want this war no more.”

ICM has revelled in his excellence on ‘WHERE’S THE SCOOP?’, a pulsating trap cut that serves as the Canberra rapper’s first single since 2022.

The single, which forms part of a broader project set for release in mid-2024, opens with pensive electronic keys and whirring atmospherics, with sparse yet commanding production that rightfully forefronts ICM’s incisive lyrics. 


Atop a bouncy trap beat and propulsive snares, ICM delivers bars with an acrobatic flair, always keeping toe-to-toe with the production’s bouncy rhythms.

Like any great rap track, there’s fun to be had even in between lyrics, as ICM adds infectious vocal riffs and yuh adlibs that make it impossible not to match his frenetic energy. 

There’s moments of vocoder distortion that add extra texture to the rapper’s already impassioned delivery.

With its darting trap rhythms and gritty 808s, ‘WHERE’S THE SCOOP?’ coasts on a dark energy, feeling the kind of anti-villain anthem you’d imagine blaring through the streets of Gotham City.


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For all its dynamic production, a rap cut like this is only as good as its lyricism, which ICM also delivers in spades. 

Switching cadences with finesse, the rapper brings a braggadocious energy to his penmanship, with mentions of how he’s “still got the drip, still got the steeze,” and searing warnings to those who doubt him.

“Lose my number don’t call no more,” he spits in the teeth-baring second verse, “You don’t really want this war no more.” 

Though he delivers barbs and speaks confidently of himself, you can’t help but live vicariously through ICM’s lyrics, with his self-assuredness feeling infectious and applicable to any listener.

Speaking of the song’s meaning in a press statement, ICM said: “ I am showing you the mentality that many other people have when it comes time to lock in, focus, grind and excel at something. 

‘WHERE’S THE SCOOP?’ marks ICM’s first single since 2022’s ‘The Beast’. It will form part of the tracklist of the rapper’s forthcoming project, and is accompanied by an official lyric video.

Watch that above, and to listen to ICM’s new single ‘WHERE’S THE SCOOP?’