Gene Simmons of KISS tests positive for Covid-19

Rockstar Gene Simmons has tested positive for coronavirus, leading to the cancellation of four KISS tour dates.

Legendary rock band KISS might want to rock and roll all night, but their highly anticipated performance plans have come to a halt, as bass player, and arguably most iconic member, Gene Simmons tests positive for the coronavirus.

Lead singer, Paul Stanley also contracted the virus, which forced the group to cancel a performance in Pennsylvania last week.

Image: Chicago Tribune

Although it might appear like miss rona is spreading through the entire band, the four-piece assures fans that they, as well as their crew on tour, have all been fully vaccinated.

Gene Simmons, 72, has reportedly been experiencing “mild symptoms“.

So what happens now?

The band has said that they and their tour crew will now have to isolate for the next 10 days, inevitably causing the cancellation of the next four dates on their US tour.

These dates include shows in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin – sorry, guys!

Their comeback performance is now scheduled to be September 9th, with a show in Irvine, California.

Simmons certainly isn’t taking this lightly, and has previously been open about his support for vaccine mandates, criticising portions of the public who feel it goes against their freedom.

“The idea that somebody says, ‘It’s my body and my choice’ is so idiotic.”

“What freedom? The freedom to infect everybody else? Seven hundred thousand Americans, close to it, are dead because of COVID. Of course it should be a law.”

The Delta variant of Covid-19 has led to a new peak in case numbers across the US, averaging over 150,000 daily new cases. Meanwhile, more than 639,000 people in the US have died from the virus since the start of the pandemic.

Understandably, this new peak has caused significant damage and delays across the live entertainment industry.

We are wishing Simmons and the band a speedy recovery so that we can get back to rock and rolling all night and you know, partying every day!