George Christensen condemned for spreading COVID-19 misinformation

Federal government MP, George Christensen, took to Federal parliament to argue that COVID-19 restrictions don’t work.

In the midst of COVID-19 outbreaks nationwide, Queensland MP George Christensen took to Parliament to call for an end to measures such as masks and lockdowns, arguing that they do not work.

In his 90-second speech shortly before question time, Christensen demanded an “end to the madness” of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Christensen condemned Covid-19 misinformation
Image: ABC News

COVID-19 is going to be with us forever, just like the flu. And just like the flu, we will have to live with it, not in constant fear of it. Some people will catch it, some people will tragically die from it,” Christensen said.

That’s inevitable and we have to accept it,” said Mr Christensen.

Open society back up, restore our freedoms, end this madness.”

In July, the Queensland MP attended an anti-lockdown rally alongside QAnon supporters.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese moved a motion condemning Mr Christensen’s comments, arguing they aimed to spread misinformation and undermine Australia’s COVID-19 response.

The Federal government has supported the motion, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying that they do not “support misinformation in any way, shape or form“.

I’ll tell you what madness is. Madness is saying let this disease rip, let people die, let whole economies be shut down. Let’s stop us being able to return to our way of life,” said Mr Albanese.

Mr Christensen has announced he is retiring at the next election, but Mr Albanese argued that he should be expelled before then.

Labor MP Mike Freelander said that Mr Christensen’s comments were “absolutely disgraceful“.

Imagine what that does to your confidence in…the medical advice you’re being given…All of us in this place have a responsibility to keep people safe. What we do does actually matter.”

Refusing to single out Mr Chistensen for his comments, the Prime Minister said that the government would “focus on the results that Australians want to achieve“.

He recently said he regrets saying that Australia’s vaccination against COVID-19 was “not a race“.

It doesn’t matter how you start the race, Mr Speaker, it’s how you finish the race,” he said.

We’re going to run that race all the way to the finish line but we’re going to do it as team Australia. We’re not going to do it in a way which seeks to divide Australians and set Australians one against the other.”