Georgia James’ new single ‘On Top’ is brimming with dark energy

Brisbane’s Georgia James has just released a new single, On Top. Exploring the nature of toxic relationships, it doesn’t shy away from the dark.

From the opening chugs of the electric guitar and the hushed vocal delivery, Georgia James sets up a claustrophobic atmosphere in her brand new single, On Top. Far from one-dimensional, it evolves into a brooding beast of a track.

Coming off the back of her lighter and more pop-focused debut, Start A War, her second single shines a light on an entirely new side of this emerging artist and pays homage to James’ heavier influences.

Georgia James

Recorded at Brisbane’s Sound Out Studios with owner and producer Casper Hall, it walks a fine line between gloss and grunge. Launching into On Top with crunchy, palm-muted guitar, ’90s-influenced artists like Jaguar Jonze spring to mind. As if luring you into a false sense of security, the nature of James’ vocal delivery is calm and assured.

The confrontational tone is elevated when the rest of the band kicks in, underscoring the rhythmic heartbeat of the track, like a mantra. That’s before it explodes into the chorus, the “Baby, I just love it when you’re on top” refrain ringing out against the slingshot rhythms of the band, which then leads into more introspection: the menacing chugs return, and the breathy sound effects make it feel like the walls are closing in.


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Georgia James reflects on the nature of the song: “It’s the type of song I think a lot of people will find therapeutic to scream the lyrics to in their cars.” Revolving around the theme of being in a relationship you know is bad for you, but still finding yourself addicted, it’s a track that many will find relatable. And after covering so much ground already in two ambitious singles, we’re excited to see what comes next out from Georgia James.

On Top is out now. Stream it here.