Get funky with The Jungle Giants on Speakerzoid

What is a Speakerzoid one may ask? Is it some sort of intricate, ultra-expensive instrument? Or is it an alien spaceship that is pelting towards Earth in a quest for world domination? Well, if you’re racking your brain trying to recall the word and are now thinking you may have a slightly diminished vocabulary, don’t fret! Speakerzoid is a cheeky little word The Jungle Giants came up with and fancied for the title of their upcoming album. It’s a collection of indie, rock, pop and experimental South American influences that all come together to create a funky, upbeat and infectious record. And with no obvious hints as to what a ‘speakerzoid’ is, this fun 11 track trip is completely open to interpretation.

The Jungle Giants Speakerzoid

Guitars, check. Drums, check. Vocals, check. Microwave, check. Immerse yourself in all the weird and awesome sounds of The Jungle Giants on Speakerzoid.

Speakerzoid follows on from the band’s 2013 debut EP Learn to Exist, and was a concept that was birthed from front man Sam Hales’ genius mind in an old Paris apartment. Once these scattered brain wanderings came together, Hales, along with bandmates Cesira Aitken, Andrew Dooris and Keelan Bijker began bringing the pieces together with legendary Aussie producer Lachlan “Magoo” Goold in a home studio near the NSW and QLD border. With the band wanting their creativity to make an impact on this record, various household objects, including a microwave, can be heard throughout the album. As a result, we are graced with an abundance of abstract sounds and subtle beats that chip away at your eardrums until they can comfortably nestle inside your brain.

The album’s first single Every Kind of Way has been buzzing around for a few months now, accompanied with a slightly suggestive video that you may not want to watch with your grandma, and was followed by Speakerzoid’s second single Kooky Eyes. Both singles have introduced us to a much more mature and experimental Jungle Giants sound that makes you feel a fair whack more satisfied than their earlier work. The rest of the album emulates this new sound, and is a mesmerising mix of melodies covered with an array of influences and contrasting sounds that you couldn’t possibly tire of. Tracks like What Do You Think and Devil’s Play deliver upbeat and energetic indie pop sounds, while tunes like Lemon Myrtle and Mexico bring a totally different sound, with mellow, laid back beats that ooze summer vibes (something we desperately need in Sydney right about now).

So if you were thinking that after listening to the album in full you will have a more clear indication of what a ‘speakerzoid’ is, you will either be pleasantly surprised and have formed your own little definition, or you will be so in awe of these tunes that you will be left in a room of swirling colours and sounds, struggling to form a legible sentence. Either way, you’re in for a great trip. After Speakerzoid’s release on August 7, The Jungle Giants are setting off on a massive national tour, supported by Hockey Dad and Art of Sleeping. The 14 show tour will feature some new tunes, old favourites and their undeniably infectious live antics. Tickets are on sale now, and if their tour earlier this year was any indication, they will sell out in no time.