Get lost in the cinematic soundscapes of Yoko-Zuna’s new single, Minority

New Zealand is packed full of unending talent, from the mind-melting psychedelia of STARR to the catchy, the hook-heavy indie rock of The Beths or the vivid soundscapes of Yoko-Zuna.

The latter have just released a stellar new video clip for their song Minority, which features the talented Noah Slee on vocals.

Noah Slee Yoko-Zuna minority
Photo: Dalong Ye-Lee

Yoko Zuna are back at it again with a new video clip for Minority, off their second full-length album, Voyager. Let your eyes take in breathtaking panoramic shots of rugged mountain ranges and endless lakes.

The clip is full of beautiful shots of perilous mountains and secluded, black sand beaches with characters dressed up in modernised steampunk fashion that give the clip a neo-futuristic vibe.

A glitched-out guitar grabs your attention before unleashing the track’s full aural vividness and embracing you in a story of searching, longing and pain. Don’t worry, there is a happy ending to the song as Slee eventually finds “some gold at the end of [his] journey”.

The clip comes after the release of their second full-length album, Voyager, this November. Bearing sky-high synth breakdowns, ruthless avant-jazz jams and some of 2018’s best verses, it’s a must-listen if you dig the new tune.

If you want to go down the sonic rabbit hole, look no further than Yoko-Zuna’s Voyager. This is one trip that will definitely exceed expectations.


Minority is out now and available on all streaming platforms.