Get lost in the indie rock fever of The Maze

It’s the type of music that makes you feel like going on a road trip with a car full of friends. It basically just puts you in a good mood and makes you want to have fun.

Fast becoming one of the most popular bands in the Illawarra music scene, The Maze are an indie/rock/pop band from The Gong who are catching plenty of attention.

The Maze

Wollongong is no exception to being the home of quality indie rock bands. Embrace the indie rock fever of The Maze which is bound to sweep the nation.

Formed in 2010, this five piece has a pretty impressive resume after already sharing the stage with the likes of The Delta Riggs, Tigertown and British India, just to name a few. It was their earlier singles like What Do You Do Kid and On Your Own off their self-titled EP that really set the standard, and with the bar raised pretty high, we can only expect good things from these guys.

Zach Gervaise (lead vocals), Mitch Fanning (drums, backing vocals), Angus Bradley (bass), Matt Harvey (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Mitchell Cable (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) released this EP back in 2013, and it has some pretty diverse sounds. It introduced us to Gervaise’s sweet vocals that stand out on every single track and really give the group their distinct and unique quality.

Singles like Feet On The Ground and Breakdown have quite strong pop and indie influences, and are really upbeat and fun tracks. At the same time they have a cool, chilled out vibe about them (I think that’s the south coast influences coming out). Then there’s Come With Me, which has a totally different vibe to the rest of the EP. It’s a fair bit heavier and has a real garage rock/grunge aesthetic.

Their latest single Mary (You Know Me) has been recently released in anticipation of their next EP, and it’s fucking sick. It’s a complete mash-up of indie, pop and rock sounds and is totally infectious. And it comes with an equally cool video that may or may not feature a sex toy… you can watch and find out for yourself.

The boys are now setting off to take on their first interstate tour in support of Mary (You Know Me) that will see them through to the end of July. If their past local shows are any indication of what to expect, then this tour will bring some crazy fun energy that will reverberate from the stage through to the whole crowd. So go get amongst it and check their social media pages for tour and ticket details.