Get ready for some 90s nostalgia, the Tamagotchi is back!

Yes, you read that correctly. The iconic ’90s Japanese toy, the Tamagotchi, is back and it’s better than ever, this time with a colorful screen as well as the ability to connect to your phone.

Although the Tamagotchi never truly went away, with many people still playing their original, buying off second-hand sites such as eBay or buying from the fresh batch of Tamagotchis released in 2018, this update to the toy by Bandai America is seriously groundbreaking.

The beloved Tamagotchi is back, this time bigger and better than ever, with a colourful screen and the ability to connect to your smartphone.

The latest edition is called Tamagotchi On and its appearance has been altered quite a lot, now filling up an adult hand, a bit larger than the original pocket sized device. Despite this change, it is still egg shaped with a three button control scheme.

Another big change is that the screen is in colour with fresh new graphics – a welcome change from the original Tamagotchi’s grayscale screen.

The toy will allow users to link with other players through the Tamagotchi Go app in addition to looking after their pet (who may or may not have depression) and who will have their own room. Users can buy more rooms through gaining points from activities such as park visits, feeding and cleaning up after their pets as well as being able to buy accessories, toys and treats for them.

Even more excitingly, you can own as many pets as you want, who can travel, get married and hatch babies (which is the most exciting part right?).

Tamagotchi On will be arriving in US Urban Outfitter stores on the 28th July, so luckily, we will be able to get our Tamagotchis shipped to Australia!