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They Call Me Max proves his performance chops on new live video for Somebody

Hailing from London, They Call Me Max is a unique artist who releases unconventional hip-hop tunes with spoken word, philosophical lyrics, intricate piano melodies and killer beats.

His latest EP Start Small is a collection of intimate and raw narratives that tell stories of adolescence, from the soaring highs to the crushing lows. Musical progression is an important aspect of They Call Me Max, and this is particularly evident in their new live recording of Somebody.

They Call Me Max’s live performance of Somebody as part of FLINT ST SESHNS is raw, encapsulating and musically progressive.

Max’s unique voice is comprised of low, deep tones and a sense of desperation that drives his storytelling. This is evident as the recording starts off with Max’s spoken word accompanied by a modulating piano line.

Other instrumentalists, Arlen Millward on the drums, Efe Erdogan on bass, and Nikita Cretella on the synth soon join Max and the song starts to reveal itself, highlighting the importance of each instrument’s role. The four-piece form a well-oiled machine, exuding a musical unity.

The concluding minutes of the video are particularly intensified, with Max placing heavy emphasis on the lyrics and even adding indecipherable sounds whilst all instrumentation crescendos into an all-encompassing sound.

The live video is a testament to all the performing musicians’ expertise and talent in their respective instruments, creating an authentic blend of jazz, classical and hip-hop.

Watch They Call Me Max perform Somebody live above.