Get ready to flip the bird to the lockout laws tonight with Release The Hounds’ 5 favourite protest songs

Tonight is the night that Ron Creevey and The X Studio flip the bird to the lockout laws with classic Aussie rockers Choir Boys and Sydney up and comers Release The Hounds, performing the very first show in a long line of gigs due to take place at the Studio over summer.

Creevey and The X Studio family have “worked around laws that are not fair to all operators” in their precinct, meaning it’s bound to be a long night full of rock ‘n’ roll righteousness. In celebration of tonight we chatted to the guys of Release The Hounds to find out their top 5 quintessential Aussie protest songs.

release the hounds

Fight for your right tonight with The Choir Boys and Release The Hounds as they give a big old ‘fuck you’ to Sydney’s increasingly restrictive lockout laws.

“To us a protest song is one that challenges the way we think and act, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be about war, or poverty, but more so just music that talks to a person’s core values and pushes us to speak up or create action for change. Here are our top 5.”

Cosmic PsychosFuckwit City

Well… the name says it all!

RedgumI was Only 19

Most Australian kids would connect with this one from their school days. It represents the first time a person really starts to interpret how war can impact a person’s life. We’re so glad we don’t live in that time anymore! Give peace a chance, as Lennon said.

Rose TattooWe Can’t Be Beaten

This song pretty much says ‘be loyal brothers and sisters, together we can fight the world. No one will defeat us, stand up and be proud.’

Cold ChiselYou Got Nothing I Want

We love this song. It’s from when they were trying to break the US and for us it represents ‘we are what we are and if you want to change or compromise what we do then toss off buddy!’

AC/DCRock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

This Accadacca classic is a big middle finger to decibel limits and noise complaints. Crank it loud and party with your mates!

The doors open at 7, and Release The Hounds are on from 7:45. Grab yourself some tickets here.