Get your daily dose of inspiration from MAXO’s latest tune Light it Up

The homely and uplifting sounds of Canberra based singer-songwriter MAXO have been capturing hearts across Australia for a couple of years now.

And now, with the release of his new single Light It Up, he continues to establish himself as an emerging artist to watch.

MAXO Light it up video
Photo: MAXO

MAXO is an artist painting the sounds of inspiration, and the visuals for his latest single Light it Up capture the image he has been singing flawlessly.

Imagine fairy lights, hot chocolate, and family. These are what MAXO’s latest single Light it Up brings to mind, and what makes the music video so powerful is it perfectly captures this picture. From the fairy lights to the group of people having a great time together, the song is brought to life.

This is a very special song for MAXO, with the artist sharing:

Light It Up is about leaving the 9-5 jobs, chasing my dreams and bringing everyone along for the ride. To break their shackles. To chase their dreams. To feel ALIVE!”

MAXO has celebrated a lot of musical success in recent years, including reaching the top 10 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, performing alongside Thirsty Merc and Samantha Jade, and playing a headline US tour in 2018. We are excited to see where Light it Up takes the talented muso!

An anthem for the dreamer, Light it Up will make you feel warm, bubbly and inspired. It’s a must for your morning motivation, your afternoon inspiration, and your backyard gatho playlists. Check out what all the hype is about below.