PREMIERE: Loose Loose challenge genre classification with their debut EP Sanguine

The borders of classification mean nothing to American septet Loose Loose. Their sounds weave effortlessly between genres; experimental, eccentric and idiosyncratic, the band have today released their debut EP. Sanguine sees Loose Loose fluidly manoeuvring their way through improvisational soundscapes to produce a sound that is distinctly their own.

The harmonic dynamism of Loose Loose shines through in sanguine, their freshman EP and debut foray into the world of future soul.

Guitarist Zach Zito, drummer Jacob Somerscales, and bassist Isaac Vandyne formed the bare-bones of Loose Loose just over a year ago. The trio, who had been playing music together supporting other artists for years, decided it was their time to start pursuing their own sound.

What began as an experimental jazz-fusion project quickly turned into something greater. The trio soon joined forces with other expert Missouri musicians – talented vocalists SymonneSPARKS and J.artiz brought their own flair to the project, and when trumpet player CJ Maus and keyboardist Justin Harris came on board, Loose Loose felt complete.

The band’s music transcends classification. Their sound is malleable, and both accepts and rejects classifications. They take the best parts out of their favourite genres – jazz, neo-soul, hip-hop – and turn them into something much deeper, more varied and multi-dimensional that conventional genre classifications would allow them to be.

Loose Loose have big plans for 2019, releasing a trilogy of EPs sporadically over the coming months. sanguine is their first, and thematically explores the concepts of hope, love and beauty amidst waves of darkness. The EP is, at times, painful and chaotic, but focuses on persevering to find meaning and gratitude within.

Listen to sanguine above.