PREMIERE: Yeti Ghetto pack a punch with their debut single Real Feels

It was the chaos of a North-West London sharehouse that sparked Scott Luderman’s urge to channel his frustrations into an outlet. The musician turned to his laptop, and after a series of late-night recording sessions, Yeti Ghetto was born. The band’s long-awaited debut release Real Feelsreleased today, is the diamond that formed from the rough.

Tenderly introspective and consciously reactive, Yeti Ghetto’s debut single Real Feels was birthed from a time of stimulated chaos.

Paying homage to a wide array of influences – early Weezer, Pavement, Queens of the Stone Age to name a few – Yeti Ghetto have managed to birth a single both tenderly introspective and consciously reactive. Having since relocated to Brisbane, Yeti Ghetto is now bigger than Luderman himself; through the work of his two new bandmates, Michael Gillingwater and Daniel Hitzke,  the music a level of depth that eclipses solo performances.

The band’s debut single Real Feels explores the ideas behind self-acceptance and belonging. Described by songwriter Scott Luderman as “an attempt to capture that surreal moment when you find yourself feeling perfectly at home, in the complete right time and place, amongst a group of equally weird, and like-minded strangers”, the single packs a punch with assertive guitar riffs and emotive vocals.

Yeti Ghetto’s forthcoming album Jinx was written, recorded and mixed almost entirely by Luderman himself whilst still in the aforementioned sharehouse in London. His circumstances and equipment, despite being makeshift, happened to allow him to create an album of timelessness, of transcendence and of universality.

Yeti Ghetto’s forthcoming debut full-length album Jinx will be released later this year.