Girli offers slice of pop confection with new single ‘Be With Me’

English singer-songwriter Girli envisions drinking overpriced wine with her muse on electric new single, Be With Me.

Girli has today (January 26) released her new single Girli. A shimmering slice of pop confection, the track coasts on propulsive EDM beats, soaring melodies and earworm hooks.

In typically candid fashion, the English singer-songwriter pines for a particularly eye-catching muse whose “just my type.” 

Girli single 'Be With Me'

Later, Girli envisions sharing overpriced wine with her “future wife,” while setting boundaries and warning of her free-spiritedness.

It’s the unselfconscious storytelling we’ve come to expect from Girli, whose discography reads like the diary of an ever-relatable 20-something in the throes of love and heartbreak. 

Be With Me marks Girli’s first release since the singles Nothing Hurts Like A Girl and Matriarchy, both of which arrived last year.

Matriarchy is also the title of Girli’s sophomore album, set for release on May 17. “This album is my favourite thing I’ve ever made,” Girli said of the 14-track project in a social media statement.

“These songs are everything I’ve always wanted to say but didn’t quite have the words to say yet or the music to say them with.” 


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Meanwhile, the singer said she wrote Be With Me — the third track lifted from Matriarchy — because she “felt so tired of relationships and their complications, jealousy, heartache.”

She continued: “I realised that the only relationship that I could control was the one I have with myself.” 

Matriarchy will serve as the follow-up to Girli’s EP Damsel In Distress, which spawned one of her most popular songs to date in 2021’s More Than a Friend.

Check out Girli’s latest single Be With Me below.