Give into the seductive sounds of Sleepy Lizard’s new single Can’t Help It

In classic tell-tale lyrics, you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with Sleepy Lizard’s new single Can’t Help It. The Adelaide cats have released yet another rhythmic track undefinable by genre.

Opening with an irresistibly seductive saxophone, the tone is set for a sexy take on unrequited love. And yet nothing is predictable about this one.

On their new single Can’t Help It, Adelaide-based outfit Sleepy Lizard present an irresistible slice of seductive and groove-laden alt-jazz.

The fusion of jazzy sax, jungly bongos and sweeping falsetto moments collide to bring a groove-laden tune. Heavy syncopated beats carry the accented two-step, and the fuzzed-out guitar solo is unanticipated but appreciated.

The pure temptation to move is undeniable as the catchy chorus swirls around in a carousel of familiarity and enticing key changes. Bill Meegan’s vocals are non-linear and unforeseen. Client Liaison connotations are summoned in the 80s-inspired vocal climaxes.

Conceptionally, this track dips into the mindset of lovesickness—its circular thought patterns and yearning. The dreamy concoction of one who aches for their desire to be returned and yet chooses to delve deep in adoration regardless.

An element of tongue-in-cheek humour allows for a lighter listen, particularly in the “watch while we record” video clip. Directed by Harry Nelli, this split screen clip is paired with the purple and grainy film of an old washed-out VHS tape or vintage roll of film.

Produced by Matt Hills, there’s a professionalism that seals this track off with effortlessness and smooth listening ability.

If you didn’t get see them live around SA this year, you’ll want to catch the video above. For the costumes if nothing else.