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Gladys, grab a rosé and listen to these Sydney bands before you destroy our culture even more: a list by Final Gambit

Like just about everybody else right now, Final Gambit are becoming more and more tired of NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s antics.

We were more than happy to let them vent their frustration in an easily digestible playlist format. Here are 12 bands who prove Sydney has a hell of a lot going for it right now, as picked by Final Gambit’s Nick, Lauren and Aleksi.

final gambit

“Gladys, grab a glass of rosé and listen to these Sydney bands before you destroy our culture even more” – Final Gambit has your Sydney music fix sorted.

NICK: Neighbourhood Void

These guys have a real Wavves vibe about them, they’ve got a super honest style of song writing and it comes across in a fresh youthful honestly. They’re hard to pin down to anything other than their guttery grungy garage sound. When you’re a slab down under the table, these lads appear.

NICK: These New South Whales

If you’re looking for the best punk band in Sydney these guys are it. TNSW are an energetic, political and catchy locals that have the pace to outrun Alan Jones to a headline.

NICK: Sunscreen

Glittery indie excellence, they’ve got a surfy flare as well that comes across in such a dreamy atmospheric way. Sunscreen playing during a sunset would be a perfect setting, their music is stuff of a road trip playlist selector’s wet dream.

NICK: Shady Nasty

Shady Nasty are a couple chill Sydney dudes who manage to sound spooky, experimental and heavy all at the same time. Jumping from raps to calm iridescent music, Shady Nasty are probably the heaviest shimmery band you’ll ever hear.

LAUREN: Bad Moon Born

Hard rock at its very best, shredding guitars and screeching vocals combine to produce an awesome sound that is like a Wolfmother and Guns N Roses hybrid that makes you want to head bang to.

LAUREN: The Million

When you need some chill indie beats these guys are perfect, however the songs will get stuck in your head.

LAUREN: Baker’s Eddy

Catchy hooks, distorted guitars and fast tempo rock drumming. After recently discovering these guys I can’t get enough. Their fast tempo rock tunes featuring an edgy distorted bass tone, catchy riffs and up beat drumming are perfected by this outfit.

LAUREN: Pist Idiots

For some edgy vocals and guitar riffs. These guys produce some Aussie surf garage rock tunes that make you want to sing and chant along too.


Easily my favourite Sydney band! Put on a killer live show and everything they release, whether it’s a slow burner like Thumb or a no nonsense rock rollercoaster S.a.P, is absolute gold.

ALEKSI: Flowertruck

Album of the year for sure! You can’t not be happy when you listen to these guys.

ALEKSI: Egoism

Their latest single is so warm and lovely, unlocks my inner teddy bear every time.

ALEKSI: Junkhead

Everyone needs a bit of hardcore in their lives, Junkhead are absolute lords!


Final Gambit’s new single She Doesn’t Care is out now. Check it out below:


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October 24, 2018