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Going to Britain soon? Make sure you bring back a new 5 pound note, because it can play vinyl records

Over in the motherland, the government recently unveiled some brand spanking new legal tender. Taking a leaf out of Australia’s book, Britain’s new fiver has a polyester composition, making it waterproof, nearly tear proof, and basically immortal.

In a bizarre discovery, it turns out the notes’s surprisingly tough composition has an added benefit: it can serve as the needle of your record player.

new 5 pound note

Whip out your old Dark Side Of The Moon vinyl and tee up Money, because Britain’s new 5-pound note can bring it to life.

Youtube user Michael Ridge seems to be the first to catch on to this phenomenon. With the aid of a contact microphone and a small amp, he manages  to pull together a grainy version of Abba’s 1976 single Money, Money, Money. Watch the video below:

Killer choice, Michael. The note’s ability to serve as a shoddy needle comes from it’s rigidity, as well as the sharpness and durability of it’s corners. Though it doesn’t create sound of the highest fidelity, it’s a pretty sweet party trick, and certainly an unexpected plus.

Honestly, this should become international standard for bank notes. Although serving very little practical function, what better way to prove the strength and durability of your new note than by putting it to the vinyl test?


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October 13, 2016