Grace Cummings’ new single ‘Storm Queen’ is a dark and dirty piece of soul sorcery

Grace Cummings has released a single from her upcoming self-produced album Storm Queen.

As Grace’s personal favourite track from the album, Storm Queen is a soulful, bluesy murder ballad that evokes the nostalgia of some sort of familiar gritty scene.

The song sounds like something you would hear in a Tarantino film, it’s tragic and hearty and would be perfectly suited to the genre. The single has come out alongside a captivating music video full of rich colour and silhouettes.

Credit: Gil Gilmour

Harry Cooper and Cahill Kelly feature on baritone saxophone and piano and bring the whole track to life by creating an enveloping atmosphere for Grace’s intriguing vocals.

The song opens with the fluttering of the baritone sax and is quickly followed by an acoustic guitar then Grace’s strong and mysterious lyrics.

The way Grace articulates every word feels purposeful and the timbre of her voice is so soothing, as a sort of juxtaposition to the rough and creepy baritone played between verses.

The song builds and builds until it reaches a dirty sax riff and drops back again for a sweet release. Complete with an eery snicker at the very end, Storm Queen is perfectly named. It’s filled with the power and destruction that could send shivers down your spine.

Storm Queen the album will be released on January 14th via Sugar Mountain Records/Virgin Music Australia. You can pre-order it here.

Watch/ listen to Storm Queen the single below.