Green Day’s American Idiot is flying up the charts ahead of Trump’s UK visit

This weekend US President Donald Trump will be visiting the United Kingdom, and a lot of people aren’t happy about it.

So some legend launched a campaign to get Green Day’s 2004 smash hit American Idiot to the top of the UK’s charts ahead of the visit.

Green Day’s iconic 2004 hit American Idiot has been reborn! Ahead of Trump’s UK visit this weekend, a whole lotta people are trying to get it to No. 1 on the charts.

The Facebook campaign has already amassed around 20,000 likes, and well… it actually seems to be working.

According to the Offical Charts Company, the track is currently sitting at number 18 in the mid-week charts, and is a mere four thousand sales away from breaking into the top ten.

Unfortunately, the track Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home) by The Lightning Seeds, Baddiel and Skinner is currently set to land the number one spot, with England facing Croatia this weekend in the World Cup semi final.

If American Idiot did somehow manage to score the number one slot, it’d be a pretty big deal… and just goes to show how much a gathering of people can influence the charts.

Considering my complete disinterest in football… go buy Green Day’s American Idiot, UK friends.

Via NME.