Grimes wants you to make your own version of her latest video

Grimes wants you to make your own version of her latest video

Earlier this year, Grimes released her anticipated highly anticipated fifth album, Miss Anthropocene. 

Now, she’s shared a music video for the record’s eighth track, You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around – but there’s a twist.

grimes, you'll miss me when i'm not around

Grimes has released a green screen video for You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around and she’s encouraging fans to fill in the blanks.

The clip features Grimes, in full makeup and costume, wielding a sword – except she’s in front of a green screen. In a choose-your-own-adventure type scenario, Grimes is encouraging fans to create their own versions of the clip, and along with the video, she’s shared a bunch of other assets including raw video files and audio stems.

A statement about the release read: “Grimes grew up on bootleg sampling and DIY creation and considers it a vital part of exploring personal style and creativity.”

Anyone who steps up to the task is encouraged to share their work on YouTube or Twitter, along with the hashtag #GrimesArtKit. Grimes will be sharing her favourites on her own social media.

It’s a neat idea, and particularly relevant, now more than ever, with so many people stuck at home. It’s exciting to see artists reaching out to collaborate with fans, breaking down the barrier between the two. And if anyone was going to do it, it would be Grimes.

Watch the video below.